All Glasses Are NOT Created Equal

All our Opticians are Board Certified


Both our Opticians, Hailey & Jennifer are board certified opticians.  What the heck is that?  It means that they underwent rigorous training and certification testing. They understand the optics of lenses and use their expertise as they work with patients.  

Quality Craftsmanship


What about the "other places" that sell 2 pair for $99?  Quite often you can't see through either pair or they break after a week?  Every product we carry here at Lifetime Eye Care is made of only quality products.  You can feel confident knowing that you are getting the best for your eyes!

In House Optical Lab


We carry many single vision lenses in stock.  Many glasses can be made the same day, right here in Holton, Kansas USA!

Anti-Fatigue Computer Glasses


Are you chained to a computer monitor all day long?  Unplug for a moment and stop by to ask Jen or Hailey about EyeZen lenses.  EyeZen protects your eyes against harmful blue light emitted from digital devices & reduces eye strain.  The only thing it doesn't do is bring you coffee. 

Gold Medal Opticians


Our opticians train like Olympic athletes.  Jen & Hailey are constantly exercising their optical know how. If there is new technology in the optical industry, chances are they invented it.  Maybe

Red Lasers Coming Out Your Eyes?


If you have red laser beams shooting out your eyes, please do not come into our optical nor look directly at airplanes flying in the sky.